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Work from home, part or full time, up to $150K guaranteed for the first year.

We’re revolutionizing the industry. Join us.

No real estate experience required. 

With God’s help, I’ve trained sales people to make millions of dollars.

Now, let me personally train you.

Ira Zlotowitz


Apply Now.

Please watch the videos above before applying for the job.

Salary + Commission + Stock

100% Remote

Leads provided

To create equitable access for commercial real estate opportunities. If someone wants to break into the business or someone who is already in CRE is seeking information, it is difficult to access and find the information you need. GPARENCY is changing that by giving an incredible amount of data and info to its members. 

See video above for a demo of the product you will be selling our mind blowing digital Marketplace

If you are a born salesperson who wants to break into CRE, who has the right blend of wanting to make a lot of money, help people and love technology. Get trained by the best in the industry and by following company protocol, you can earn $150k your first year!

You are being hired to reach out to CRE owners and walk them through the value we can add to them. You will be given a set of 400 leads that will be replenished as you proceed through the training program and successfully score points based on your performance. You will slowly build and then nurture relationships with GPs and close deals! The goal? Close 6 contracts in your first 5 months.

If you do the minimum milestones and make 150 calls a day on average from day 1 throughout the whole year, and you do not make $150k, the company will give you a ONE TIME bonus to make you whole to $150k.

The first 30 days the company will not reimburse you unless you hit your monthly milestone. If you do, you will be paid retroactively for that first month of training.

Training is five months and the monthly milestones are the same whether you choose part time or full time. Each month you will need to achieve a certain number of points. Month 1- 20, Month 2- 40, Month 3- 60, Month 4- 80, Month 5-100. By the end of the fifth month you need to have 6 total contracts signed. Then, you graduate and the company will be willing to hire you and you will from being an independent contractor to a full time employee.

There are two options: 4 days week, M-T during the hours of 10AM-2PM EST or full time, 8 hours a day. Payment options include salary or commission. Salary is $15 an hour + 10% commission on any contract you sign. Commission (during training) is 45% per deal closed. If you can afford the risk and think you will be successful at this job, mathematically you will earn more money by choosing the commission option.

We use a few different technologies in GPARENCY. We use Slack for internal communication. Our CRM is called Zoho- that’s where all your lead information is found. Your calls are made exclusively through Zoom phone. Training is done through an LMS portal called TalentLMS. You will also receive a company email address.

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Watch These Videos Before Applying
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If you are not authorized to work in the US, you can join the training program on commission basis only.  
Please Note: We can not offer you employment after the training program is complete.

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